Understanding the 21st Century Teenager

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Tumblr Quotes

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The fundamental wish of a normal teenager is freedom. The teenage years is the transition from being locked up like a prisoner to a bird flying up the sky, shouting phrases of freedom. The transition would be the most annoying and confusing, but at the same time exciting and fruitful. At times the hormones will just strike and you will find yourself juggling your mood. At other times you will be very jolly and at other times melancholic and poignant. So it is quite a rough ride. Combine the peer pressure and other temptations such as drugs, this stage can build you or bring you down.




This is the major thing that every teen wishes to have early in their childhood, especially when puberty starts to manifest itself both spiritually and physically. This is the period when teenagers would love to get out of their comfort zone and be around their friends. Some parents will attempt to restrict this right and others allow too much of which both can have effects. Independence should be given in moderation.




This is somehow a branch of independence. Teenagers feel they need to have a choice. They do not like their parents making decisions for them. Although, they respect their wishes and opinions, they feel they have a right to make their own decisions. Some people tend to tell the teens that they should learn from their failures, but teenagers feel that is over their capacity to. They prefer to learn from their own failures, and experiences. They believe they have free will, and it should b utilized as much as possible.




Most of the times, parents have arguments with their teenage children due to misunderstandings. For teenagers who are quite reserved and are not able to express themselves, it wouldn’t be easy to understand how they feel. Though it is not easy, it is still possible to have them to talk. For those who are comfortable expressing themselves to their parents, the problem comes in because whatever they say is not what they actually mean. So, simply communicating will not give any important information. Parents must try as much as possible to go deeper into their emotional and psychological level. Eye contact and body gesture should be observed.




Not even the most genius of teenagers can cope with the stress of teenage life. School and friends are already a cause of stress. So, if the family is undergoing problems, how will they assist with theirs? The family should live in peace and should build positive environment for teens and assist them to cope with their stress. Relieve the anxiety of the teen by doing some fun activities. Go out with them and find out what they ate interested in and offer support.




Parents should be one step ahead of their children. And they must know their kids in and out. How will you relate with your teen children if you do not have the slightest idea about heir personalities, characteristics how they behave, and their day to day habits? You must learn all the aspects of their life. They are your children, you should know better. This can be of great help in devolving a stronger bond within the family.


Love, Respect and Trust


The important foundation of any relation is trust. As much the teenagers trust their parents they expect you as a parent to trust them back. If you as a parent or guardian had raised them well, then you do not have to worry. Respect grows by establishing your authority without destroying the trust. You should be firm towards the teenager but not harsh. You should be assertive when implementing rules but not with an iron fist. Be aware of your rules, and know the proper time to reinforce and when to punish. Love is usually innate to all humans so this will not be an issue. However, at times issues to do with teenage love might crop.


These are some of the major things people need to know about the 21st century teenager. Proper psychology and discipline can be of great help to may parents so as to assist them to deal with children who are in their teenage years. Also, factors like technology are very complicated, you should be up to date with technology, you need to be steps ahead of your teen children.