Top 7 Online Slots Games

Top 7 Online Slots Games

The clinking coins, the lights, the buzz, the ringing, the jackpot! Slots are the very epitome of 21st Century casino gambling. They show just how far online games have come. The days of 3 white reels and some faintly blinking lights are gone. Today, machines have 3D graphics and effects, interactive bonus rounds, and movie franchises have taken the player experience to new heights.

You may have seen other top slots games lists, but we are taking it to the next level. Hold on to your hats slot-pickers, its the run down of the “Top 10 Online Slots Games” on the market.

1. Desert Treasure

X  marks the slot. We know why  Desert Treasure  is here. Who hasn’t dreamt of finding treasure armed with nothing more than a secret map?

Well your dreams may come true if you successfully negotiate the killer cobras, cunning sheik, and beautiful princess to hit the Hidden Oasis bonus feature. Here you enjoy treasure chests and ancient urns, all the while adding to your winnings.

2. Thunderstruck II

Norse Mythology: the romance, the lightning, the big man with a hammer, you get the picture. If not, you are better off looking at  Thunderstruck II  slot.

It follows on from its popular predecessor,  Thunderstruck  – obviously. However, the graphics and sound effects have taken a step up in quality. This is an epic machine with 243 pay lines enabled, and a series of great features as you journey through the Great Hall of Great Spins. The stuff of Legends!

3. Jacks or Better

Video Poker is one of the all time most-played games in land based and online casinos. So, when the Reel Play  Jacks or Better  slot game was released it was a shoe-in for our top list.

A mixture of spinning reels, a 52 card deck and standard poker hand rankings make this a sure winner. A Royal Flush is what you are aiming for of course, and provides the jackpot.

4. Circus of Cash

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash  slot game is a shoe-in for the top 11 based largely on its unique and innovative bonus round feature. To be more precise, we should say bonus rounds, because there are no fewer than 9 different bonuses and a progressive jackpot.
Like the perfect date, this slot game is funny, it’s entertaining and it has bearded women.

5. Beach Life

What first attracted you to the multi-million dollar jackpot slot game,  Beach Life ? Personality? Looks? A couple of cute Wild and Scatter symbols? Or was it maybe an average jackpot payout in excess of $2 million? I thought so.
Call me cynical, but the public’s relationship with this Top 11 slot is probably not based on physical appeal; but rather the basic graphics and mammoth potential winnings.


This  Microgaming  title may look pretty simple, with its brightly animated  Safari symbols  and a fairly basic looking layout. But don’t be deceived by the appearance of this seemingly run-of-the-mill slot game, because Mega Moolah is the real deal when it comes to progressive jackpot slots.

You can spin the reels for as little as 25 pence at the Bet365 Games site and still be in with a chance of winning a monstrously big jackpot reward. In fact the current world record for an online slots jackpot is held by  Mega Moolah , when it paid out a massive  £13,209,300  to an Englishman in late 2015.

The graphics and design of this game haven’t changed since its launch back in 2008, but with these kind of jackpots on offer that doesn’t dissuade players from trying their luck. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ seems to be the manta. Microgaming have suggested in the past that you will have a better chance of winning the randomly triggered jackpot if you play with max coins, but enormous sums have been won by players betting the 25p minimum, so it is certainly worth a couple of spins.

7. SCR888  Wukong

You play the legendary Wukong as he speeds from challenge to challenge, fighting demons. Attractive graphics and exciting sound effects completely change the way this SCR888 slot game plays.

In phase one of the game, players will be given the opportunity to spend coins to power up their “ally tiles” of choice. Completing this step then game shifts into phase two and Wukong starts flying around the world, with plenty of entertaining animation and quirky dialogue thrown in. In this phase, touching the screen will set off the circular “reel” which then starts to go round the “ally tiles” that’s arranged around the screen before randomly stopping on one. Points are then awarded to the player’s total score, the amount of which is a base point value multiplied by how many power-ups that “ally tile” had been given in phase one.

Eventually, SCR888 Wukong will encounter various baddies which shifts the game into phase three: combat. Fully animated and plain fun to watch, combat in Wukong is a joy to watch, with plenty of special effects and animations that empower the character’s special powers and hand-to-hand skills. Using the same rotating reel from phase two, the techniques and powers that Wukong uses is where the slot elements come in again. Touching the screen sets off the circular ‘reel’ that spins around before randomly stopping on a tile, and the power of an attack is determined by the final combination of tiles multiplied by the number of power-ups the tile had received in phase one.