Victor Chandler Casino Review LittleWoods Casino

Victor Chandler Casino Review LittleWoods Casino

Welcome to LittleWoods Casino Littlewoods casino is the very best place to enjoy experience. Whatever your favourite game is, Littlewoods Casino is the ultimate desktop encounter. We have all of the greatest games. Littlewoods Casino has a great range of Progressive Jackpots that just keep growing and growing. We offer some of the biggest prizes on the web, even the starting Jackpot is fantastic! Every single bet placed on the games helps to increase the payout the jackpots. Could you be the player to win one of these huge prizes…? Casino Stud Poker – The Jackpot never drops below £60,000 and its waiting to be won. Millionaire’s Club – The world’s biggest single line three-reel slot machine gives you the chance to win it BIG! The progressive Jackpot can reach a massive £1MILLION. Progressive Blackjack – With a guaranteed minimum of £50,000 up for grabs, simply ante-up and wait for those Aces. Rags To Riches – Our players’ favourite, this £1 three-reel slot machine gives you the chance of winning thousands and with a £100,000 minimum jackpot. Shoot-O-Rama – Littlewoods Casino’s video slot – choose to play with £1, 25p and 10p stakes and get the chance to walk away with a minimum jackpot of £20,000! £1/25p Super Jackpots – This video poker game that offers you cash prizes for standard hands, plus a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot. The jackpot starts at £1,000 for the 25p machine and £4,000 for the £1 machine. £1/25p Triple Olives – Find the fruit to net a windfall. The jackpot starts at £1,250 for 25p machines and £5000 for £1 machines, just play three coins to qualify towards the progressive jackpot. Each Month, Littlewoods Casino hosts a tournament which players can enter for a little… and win a lot! The tournaments involve different games each month, and because of the small entry fee you can even get involved in the games you are fairly new to! Our latest tournament, Blackjack Mania had an entry fee of only £5 and a prize pool of £5000! The winner walked away with £2000! Look out for these fantastic tournaments over the next few months! PLUS! You get the chance to enter all of our tournaments free by simply playing in the casino!

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How Can I Claim My Free £50 Bonus? – Download and install your free casino software – Register a Littlewoods Casino Account – Make your first chip purchase of at least £50 – We will then immediately match your purchase by crediting your account with an additional £50 bonus. – That’s £50 free cash for all new players! £25 Monthly Reward – Every Month! We really appreciate your loyalty, so if you are an existing player as soon as you’ve wagered a total of £625 in the month, we’ll give you a further £25* absolutely free. Security Features You can earn up to £300 FREE a year! Littlewoodscasino clients use the CryptoLogic Inc. Electronic Cash (“ECash Direct”) system to process all financial transactions. Along with the extensive security measures found within Littlewoodscasino software and gaming servers, the ECash system utilises CryptoLogic’s Security System to protect all information sent over the Internet. ECash Direct accounts are insured. All ECash Direct accounts are insured for the equivalent of US £100,000 to protect players. Account Security Each account held at Littlewoodscasino is subject to the following security measures: Access to funds maintains customer balances in cash, or cash equivalent. We ensure that 100% of each customer’s balance is available for immediate withdrawal, subject to PIN verification ( click here for the FAQ on your PIN ). Deposits and withdrawals at Littlewoodscasino are made online in real-time and are secured by CryptoLogic’s Security System.


Controlled access Littlewoods Casino accounts may only be accessed with a unique username (alias) and password, from the original computer where the account was opened. Your alias and password ARE NOT stored on your computer and must be input each time you wish to enter. (A combination of encrypted files and registry entries creates a computer-level degree of security for you.)

Please keep your password strictly confidential.

A user may choose to create a login disk to access his or her account from different computers or to back-up their account information, but this is at the sole discretion of the user. By creating a disk of this nature, you lose the above mentioned computer-level degree of security . If you chose to make a disk you are strongly advised to lock the disk away when not in use and take extremely good care of it when it is in use. Littlewoodscasino accepts no responsibility for any fraud resulting from the use of lost or misplaced disks. Personal information verification All users must register with their full mailing address and full legal name (no initials or abbreviations), when creating an account at Littlewoodscasino. In the event of an address change please contact our ECash Direct support team for more information . Users found to have registered with an abbreviated or false name or mailing address are subject to having their account(s) locked. Withdrawal verification All withdrawals are subject to PIN verification. A PIN is sent to each user via first class mail the following business day after an initial deposit is made. Account identifiers Each account is identified by a unique account number, automatically generated when the account is made.

This account number cannot be changed.

Account statements Account statements may be viewed online in real-time, 24 hours a day. 24 hour phone / E-Mail support All the information you provide as a player is kept confidential and is not sold or otherwise transferred (by sale, trade or rental) to any third parties. From time to time though we are likely to use your information within Littlewoods Gaming Ltd to introduce you to some of our other web sites. We will also use your information for the following: to verify that your details correspond to any documents we might require as proof of identity to communicate with you e.g. future promotions, introduction of new games, newsletters, sending you CDs etc. £25 Monthly Reward terms and conditions Note – some games will not contribute towards the wagering requirements needed to receive the reward. See general terms and conditions for eligible games It is with regret that due to a dramatic increase in the number of players abusing the bonuses, the following countries are exempt from receiving the bonus – Bulgaria, China, Croatia (Hrvatska), Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Singapore and Ukraine. Players from these nations will still be able to take part in other promotions including tournaments and player prize draws. New Players are not entitled to the £25 Monthly Reward for existing players. An existing player is defined as anybody who has played during a previous calendar month.